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Stejnegerís Beaked Whale Mesoplodon stejnegeri

Stejnegerís beaked whale is an inhabitant of the cool temperate and subarctic North Pacific Ocean (Wilson and Ruff 1999). There are only about 50 known records of this species of which 31 are from Alaska (Wilson and Ruff 1999). Cowan and Guigeut (1965) mention stranded animals or skulls from 7 locations in British Columbia. In Alaska, this species occurs in the deep waters of the south-west Bering Sea and might occur over deep canyons that penetrate the Bering Sea shelf (Perez 1990). It is a deep water specialist that ranges from the Aleutians to southern California and Japan. Like other members of the toothed whale family, male Stejnegerís beaked whales have teeth at the ends of the lower jaw.  


 Stejnegerís Beaked Whale Distribution Map

 Stejnegerís Beaked Whale Distribution Map


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