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About the Pacific WildLife Foundation

About the Pacific WildLife Foundation

The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a not-for-profit coastal and marine research and education society with charitable status registered in Canada, based in Vancouver, B.C.


Meet the People behind the PWLF

The People of the Pacific WildLife Foundation

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August 8, 2013 - Associate Wendy Szaniszlo photographed a basking shark off Brooks Peninsula (northwest coast Vancouver Island) while working as a marine mammal observer  on a Fisheries and Oceans survey aboard the CCGS W.E. Ricker. Her initial skepticism that it was a basking shark knowing the species to be very rare in these waters, were allayed by Dr. Jackie King, shark specialist at DFO, who later confirmed the species.

July 2013 - Next month we set sail on an expedition to document marine life and the lives of the people around the Salish Sea. The expedition will be filmed for future release. Go to our facebook page to learn more.

July 2013 – A new publication by Eric Anderson, Fellow of PWLF, and his colleagues reports on a shift in the distribution of western grebes along the Pacific Coast.

June 2013 – The Board is pleased to announce that marine biologist and professor Dr. Isabelle Côté has become the newest fellow of PWLF.






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